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About wild-still products

It all started with wreaths...

I have big dreams and plans for wild-still. I envision products that are made from and in nature. Products that respect nature's limitations and harness nature's healing power. This, I hope, is just the beginning...

It all started that day...

At the age of twenty, I was 5'9" and 109 pounds. My on again, off again, love affair with anorexia was five years old when one day I looked at my naked body in the mirror, counted the ribs as was customary, and realized that this sense of control I had reached out to for assurance and guidance had become uncontrollable. Under the anxiety, I heard a soft voice begging to be fed. 

So I wrote a list


which more aptly should have been titled



My voice of longing and desire was very quiet at first, but she was stubborn and powerful. It was a long road from learning how to take care of my basic needs to trusting my intuition and finding a place of actual refuge in my body. It's a rocky road sometimes still.  

But along the way, I learned that to deny that dear, quiet voice is to forsake my best self, the self I feel adds the most amount of love to those around me, to those I care deeply about, and to this world in its big, grand, totality. I learned that if I listen closely:

My truest self is untamed and unbridled

My truest self is found in stillness

My truest self is wild-still

I hope my writing helps others find and cherish their own quiet voice because in that place of authenticity lies compassion and truth. For ourselves and others.

So here's to ourselves and others!

About Ellen

It all started in New Jersey...

Two things sum up the majority of my personality. 

1) I was born about a 20 minute train ride from NYC in West Orange, NJ

2) I've steadily made my way up the coast of California for the past 15 years living first in LA, then San Francisco, and now in Petaluma, CA

I attribute my my turn-that-goal-into-a-timeline-okay-now-let-it-breath nature to this east cost west coast blend.

There is a repetitive arc that describes my professional and personal life: idea, figure it out, develop a system, move on. My first "job" out of college was building a base of support for the startup non-profit ENGAGE in 2005 and organizing nationwide speaking tours for small Thai rice farmers. I then moved to Thailand and facilitated student projects that mattered, like writing human rights reports about community forests and starting the first annual gathering of peoples movements in Northeast Thailand. When I returned to the US, I got more involved in urban agriculture and eventually started working for McEvoy Ranch. Soon enough I was developing a jam-line for them, running production, and eventually creating new products for their body care line 80 Acres. Nowadays, I teach yoga, write grants, build starter websites, consult on compliance, and am creating the foundation for wild-still.